Visiting Rag & Doodle Ranch

Puppy Visitation Policy

Raising animals is fun and rewarding and we love sharing our fur babies with visitors. We see the smiles they bring to the families who take home their first puppy or the love that a pup can bring to a person who has lost a spouse, or whose children have moved on with their lives and have children of their own.  At the Rag and Doodle Ranch, our animals are family to us. They live in our home and they occupy the same space that we live in with our family. All of our babies are loved and cared for around the clock from the moment they are born in our home. We cherish every one of our babies from the tiniest to the biggest and for this reason we protect them from environmental attacks.  We take great care to provide our babies with a clean environment as much as we can. We try and use only special shoes when we work in the nursery areas where our babies and mothers nurse/sleep. Young animals’ immune systems are not ready for the environmental bacterias that CAUSE VIRUS.  Cats and dogs have been subject to the related illnesses caused by co ro na for the last 70 years – so this is nothing new for us. For this reason visiting our babies while they are in the nursery is not possible. We work hard to keep them healthy before they go home and take the utmost care to provide them with a safe environment to grow up in.  Shoes and foot traffic carry in the worst bacteria, even the tires of your cars. So please read below and understand that it is okay for you to be picky about where your next family member comes from, and it is ok for us to protect the ones we love as well. We only allow limited visits.


Most people want to visit before they purchase a puppy and we completely understand that. Many would like to bring their entire family in to see the babies before they pick too.  We limit the visit to when you come to confirm your purchase and pick up your puppy. We can send more photos and videos, but having people inside of our home poses a risk to us and our babies.

Thank you for your understanding.

Call or text to schedule a visit/facetime: 682-262-7355

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