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If you would like to be on a waitlist for a future litter, we are having Bernadoodles and Aussidoodles in the future. Our latest additions: Monroe, Abby & Roulette.   Monroe is an AKC Bernese Mountain Dog. Abby is an F1 Bernadoodle.  Roulette is a Mini Australian Shepherd. We will have F1b Bernadoodle and Aussiedoodles in the next few years  

Monroe will be bred to some of our Standard Poodle girls to make little ones like Abby!! We loved her temperament so much and Monroe is just an amazing dog. He is friendly and gentle with all the other dogs even though he is a big strong boy. Bernese are companion dogs and love to be by your side, like the poodles, but bigger and more mellow.


Call or text 682-262-7355