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Mama Mia of Texas Standards

Color & Pattern:  Black & Tan Phantom
Date Of Birth:  July 16th, 2019


Mia is our original Queen and she is all that and more! She is an intelligent dog and demands your attention but she is also an eager learner. She has phantom markings in Black and Tan and has produced red phantom babies this year with Jacques. She has calmed down quite a bit over the last year after having her first litter of ten   successfully. She is very loving and eager to please. She weighs about 55 pounds at 18 months.  

Color & Pattern:  Cafe au Lait
Date Of Birth:  December 3rd, 2019

Star is destined to be the Alpha at Texas Standards – she is smart and loves to perform. She has natural instincts to rescue in the water and she is fearless about jumping in. She could be taught to do anything and we can’t wait to see the gorgeous babies she will have – in 2021 she will be bred for the first time.  She will breed with Jean-Henri in the Spring/Summer.  She weighs about 60 pounds at one year. 

Miss Sydni Of Texas Standards

Color & Pattern:  Cream and White Parti
Date Of Birth:  December 6th, 2019


Sydni came to us from a breeder in Missouri with her half sister ‘Star’. They are both long bodied girls and we expect some big babies out of Sydni. She is a sweet girl and a great guard dog. She will be a mom to our Golden Doodles now that  Molly produced an F1 Goldendoodle sire for us.  Sydni will just hang out and grow up with us until then. She will breed with Jean-Henri in the Spring. Look for her babies in the fall of 2021.  She weighs about 60 pounds at one year.

Miss Molly Of Texas Standards

Color & Breed:  British Cream Golden Retriever
Date Of Birth:  July 31st, 2019


Molly is our AKC Golden Retriever who was the mother of our F1 Golden Doodle breeders.  She has given us two females to start with and they are as sweet as she is!  Pinkie and Sarah will be having Goldendoodles with Henry next year in 2022. Check back in 2022 for those babies.  She is a sweet and loving girl and her babies are the same.  She weighs about 65 pounds at 18 months old.  

Miss Abigail

Color & Breed:  Tri-Color F1 Bernadoodle
Date Of Birth:  July 31st, 2019


‘Abby at six months’

Abby is our 50% Bernese Mountain Dog and 50% Standard Poodle (F1 Bernadoodle) who we will breed with one of our Standard Poodle boys in 2021 for some F1B Bernadoodles. Abby’s babies will have 75% Standard Poodle for their desirable non-shedding hair and their jovial temperament, with the Bernese family loyalty mixed in. She will be part of our ‘Doodle’ program and she will breed in 2021 with Jean-Pierre, providing us with 75/25 Bernadoodles with Tri or Phantom colors. Check back in 2021 for those babies!! 

Roulette of Texas Standards

Color & Pattern:  Blue Merle Mini Australian Shepherd
Date Of Birth:  December, 2021


Roulette is just a baby having fun and one day may be a great mama dog for us in the future. She has two blue eyes that can melt your heart. She comes from a working cattle ranch in East Texas and she is smart as a whip.  We will see what the future brings for this beautiful girl.  We love her to pieces already.

All of our Standard Poodles and their puppies are AKC Registered. Our doodles come from AKC stock

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